We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our business partners, employees, and stakeholders for their ongoing support and cooperation in our business. We are pleased to inform you that our company’s business content will be better understood and we will be able to communicate even more with this media. With regard to the content, we will enhance our progress, work approach news, new transactions, reception desk for people looking for new jobs.

Masao Ota CEO
CEO Ohta Masao

We will introduce our company. Founded in September 1999. The original business of this 21-year history was a company that kept a natural food store in department stores and roadside stores, but in the last 10 years, our business is dispatching and contracting to Companies that specialize in shipping to restaurants convenience store, and mass retailers, where we do processing and packing vegetables, fruits, premises work, logistics office work, etc. Why fruits and vegetables? Our parent company was one of the pioneering companies in the distribution of organic vegetables, so it was established to retail the merchandise items handled there.

Based on the knowledge and experience cultivated in this process, and the relationship with business partners, we are currently engaged in restaurants, convenience stores, mass retailers, distribution of fruits and vegetables for retailers, and consulting. Most of the staff consists of foreigners living in Japan from over 10 different countries, and most of them are professionals with over 10 years work expreience. Going forward, we will continue to create opportunities for each and every employee to grow with confidence, pride, and hope through career development training such as Japanese language education and practical education, and at the same time, we will firmly maintain compliance.

In this fiscal year, we will obtain a registration support agency and a paid employment placement authorization that will help expand the business domain and accept workers from overseas. If each person works on his or her goals with a goal, it will surely bring smiles to the team, make them happy, and gain new trust. We want to be a company that is different from the world and can be seen from the world.

One for all, All for one,

Let’s be Happy with together

Masao Ota